In the before times, O’Malley picked up a camera and started making bad movies with his bad friends in a bad suburb of LA called Alta Loma, California, then continued making bad movies through bad college, culminating in the bad Super 8mm post-apocalyptic comedy movie Bleak Future, which he made while delivering Dominos Pizza, back when Dominos Pizza wasn’t half bad.

Then he went to work for┬álegendary B-movie maverick Roger Corman and wrote and directed the half-baked romantic-comedy Minimum Wage while also playing with a band called Igor Spectre and played on bills with bands such as The Adicts and The Black Keys, while spinning up still another band, The Blackshanks, and co-writing and producing the senior-citizen feature, Boppin’ At The Glue Factory, after which he wrote and directed the werewolf comedy feature, Audie & The Wolf, both of which are available to view on Amazon. Or in the Amazon, if you’re near Brazil.

Alas, O’Malley soon returned to making bad videos with his bad friends, including Taffy Bennington and Josh Freese, drummer for Devo and The Vandals and your mom.

During the pandemic, he started writing bios like these in the third person and also novels. And I suppose we’ll see how that goes.

O’Malley lives in Los Angeles with his wife, cat, and dog, and is currently at work on a fantasy novel which will probably be bad.