I don’t make time to write

The conventional wisdom goes something like “you’ve got to make time to write.” But my stank on that, and what I try to practice is more like: You’ve got to make time to write well. Because self-publishing has exploded, and as a result, there’s waaaay too much crap out there. Some self-published authors are writing … Read more

That Italian beer flavor

Dropped by Spitz in Eagle Rock and grabbed a doner but sometime during Covidtimes they must’ve ditched draft beer so we had to pick a can out of their cooler. I picked Paperback Brewing Company’s Capiche? because their marketing apparently worked on me (see artwork on can. Fuck yeah, marketing!)

Roleplaying a STAR WAR after 35 years

EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE — It is 1988. The PRE-FRONTAL CORTEX of your brain and your friends’ brains will not be fully developed for another SIX YEARS. You sit with them after midnight in a REAL ESTATE OFFICE rolling six-sided dice and makey-believey you are members of the REBEL ALLIANCE. 1988! 1988 was the last … Read more

Starting a novel while beliquored in ’05

I started the novel that would become The H-Bomb of Highroad in 2005, during a late-night qwerty spree while beliquored. Where I got beliquored and whom I got beliquored with, however, is lost to the dusty annals. Sorry, dusty annals.

How To Not Repair a Fender Stratocaster

In 1998 I became the proud owner of a sky blue Fender Stratocaster manufactured in Ensenada, Mexico. And in 2000, I played it as we practiced in a house in Hesperia every week, sweating miserably as we worked to get a new band called “Igor Spectre” off the ground. Our first show was on Halloween … Read more