(R to L) Dan Humes (bass), Tim Kinzy (drums), Robert James (vox), Mary Sonic Woo (keys), B. O’Malley (guitar) | Photo by Marc Campos

Igor Spectre was a rock and roll band from 2000-2018. The members’ record collections ranged all over the map, from The Damned, The New York Dolls, and Rocky Horror, to David Bowie, the Adicts, Pixies, Radiohead, Meat Loaf, Van Halen, and T. Rex.

Igor formed in January 2000 by Knox Velour AKA Mike Abrams (bass) and Robert James (vox) as “Igor Spectre and The Phantoms”. Braxus Bane AKA B. O’Malley (guitar) and Stygian Philter AKA Mark Colgrove (keys) joined for the first live rehearsal at Stygian’s garage in Chino, California. Knox Velour was replaced by Gary Doom of Total Chaos, which lasted for two rehearsals. The next incarnation of the lineup was mid-summer 2000 with the replacement of Gary Doom by Noxious Conundrum AKA Jeff Orgill on bass and the addition of Numinous Abyss AKA John Avenetti on drums. Igor’s first show was October 31st, 2000 at Penn’s Halloween Party in Redlands.

In March 2001, at the behest of Conundrum, the band dropped the “And The Phantoms” and recorded their first EP, Beautiful Dead Little Girl, featuring songs Blood Whore, Release the Hounds, and Beautiful Dead Little Girl and proceeded to play shows until late 2001 when Stygian Philter left the band due to creative differences with Conundrum. Abyss left shortly thereafter. Steve Michaels AKA Steve Alvarado took over drums and the band a new rehearsal space in Glassell Park.

In July 2003, Igor Spectre began recording their first LP with the songs Fangs Out First, Preying Mantis andZiggy Stardust Redux, all recorded by Pat Lydon. Throughout 2003 and most of 2004, the band finished We Miss The Russians, and continued to play live shows in and around Los Angeles. Mixing on the LP commenced in September 2004 by Earle Mankey, legendary musician and producer for/with such acts as Concrete Blonde, The Sparxx, The Cramps, The Runaways, The Troggs, The Beach Boys, and many more.

In 2005, drummer Tim Kinzy AKA Sonny X took over for Steve Michaels. In 2007, drummer Santos De Leon took over for Tim Kinzy. In 2008, Mary Sonic Woo (keys) joined the band and long-time bassist Noxious Conundrum left the band and bassist Adam Bomb joined the band and Igor released their second LP, Tramps In Stereo.

In 2010, bassist Adam Bomb left and drummer Mikey Mayhem took over for Santos De Leon. In 2011, drummer Tim Kinzy returned briefly, taking over for Mikey Mayhem, and bassist Dan Humes took over bass and Igor Spectre released their third studio LP Steak, Seafood, Salad, Satan!

In 2016, Igor returned with their fourth and final studio LP, Tonight Is All We’ll Ever Have, with Tim Kinzy turning in drums for the album and then leaving in time for drummer Chez Pazienza to come aboard for 2016-2017. Backing vocalist Belle Chose joined the band shortly after as well, with Mikey Mayhem returning to take over for Dan Humes on bass. Drummer Chez died in early 2017 and his seat was filled by drummer John Mooney of Long Beach but the band broke up for the last time in 2018.

After over fifteen different lineup changes since 2000, five records, and hundreds of shows in countless dive bars and medium-sized venues, Igor Spectre played with acts such as The Adicts, The Black Keys, New Model Army, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, and 45 Grave.

The final lineup consisted of Robert James (vox), B.O’Malley (guitar), Mary Sonic Woo (keys), Belle Chose (backing vox), Mikey Mayhem (bass), and John Mooney (drums). Their final shows were with drummer Tim Kinzy in August of 2017 at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento and the Great American Musical Hall in San Francisco, opening for The Adicts.

Igor Spectre Beautiful Dead Little Girl

Beautiful Dead Little Girl (EP) (2000). John Avenetti (drums), Robert James (lead vocals), B. O’Malley (guitar, vocals), Jeff Orgill (bass, vocals), Stygian Philter (keyboard, vocals). Produced by Jeff Orgill. Recorded by Warren Hendricks and Dean Hines. Recorded at Loyola Marymount University. Graphic layout by Dave Beasley. BDLG prom model Bonnie Paul. BDLG rear panel illustration by Jenn Rose.

We Miss The Russians (LP) (2004). Steve Alvarado (drums), Robert James (lead vocals), B. O’Malley (guitar, backing vox, keys), Jeffrey J. Orgill (bass, keys, backing vox). Wendy K. Gray (lead vocals on The Girl With The Wandering Eye), Phyllis McDonald (backing vox on Broken Things and Ophelia Jones). Cover design by The Wheel. Photography by Sara Valenti. Recorded and Engineered by Igor Spectre May-August 2004. Mixed and Mastered by Earle Mankey. Fangs Out First, Ziggy Stardust Redux, and Preying Mantis recorded, engineered, and mixed by Patrick Lydon.

Tramps In Stereo (LP) (2009). Robert James (vox), Mary Sonic Woo (keys), Adam Bomb (bass), B. O’Malley (guitar), Santos DeLeon (drums), Tim Kinzy (drums on Metro Redux and Parasol). Engineered, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by B. O’Malley. Cover model Caroline Pierce. Photo by Marc Campos. Artwork design by B. O’Malley.

Steak, Seafood, Salad, Satan! (LP) (2013). Robert James (vox), Dan Humes (bass), Tim Kinzy (drums), Mary Sonic Woo (keys), B. O’Malley (guitar). Recorded and produced by B. O’Malley & Igor Spectre. Mixed by B. O’Malley and Tim Kinzy. Devil Avi K. Garg. Cover photo Rob Dobbs. Interior photos Marc Campos.

Tonight Is All We’ll Ever Have (LP) (2016). Robert James (vox), Dan Humes (bass), Tim Kinzy (drums), B. O’Malley (guitar), Mary Sonic Woo (keys). Produced by B. O’Malley and Dan Humes. Executive Producers Robert James and Taffy Bennington. Recorded and Mixed by Tim Moore at York Recording, Highland Park. Cover photo by Dan Humes.

Music Video The Girl Creeps Me Out (2013)

Music Video Dandy Boy (2010)

Music Video Bruise Knife (2009)

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