That Italian beer flavor

Dropped by Spitz in Eagle Rock and grabbed a doner but sometime during Covidtimes they must’ve ditched draft beer so we had to pick a can out of their cooler. I picked Paperback Brewing Company’s Capiche? because their marketing apparently worked on me (see artwork on can. Fuck yeah, marketing!).

Bottom line: I picked gud. Super delish pilsner or something. It even tastes good in a plastic cup while sitting on a wooden table with the headlights of cars blasting you as people park and other cars drive by and people honk for no clear reason but that’s okay because, hey, life is hard.

Also, a couple at another table was playing Connect Four. (“Here. Diagonally”) so that did affect the beer’s taste overall. Reminds me of a fresher, craftier version of Peroni. And it went nom with the chicken doner and fries. It also reminded me I need to get back to Palermo in Los Feliz because god damn Palermo’s good.

In other news, we converted our kegerator into a regular canned beer fridge because holy fuck it was a drag having one single beer and god damn we just couldn’t find a good keg supplier and don’t like to drink horse piss which are the only kegs Bevmo seems to carry now.